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WW2 US Hats for Sale That Will Impress Any History Lover

Do you think that it is possible for one small item to make a big impact? If not, then you clearly have not seen some of these incredibly well-made WW2 US hats for sale right now.



The hats worn by American soldiers during the days of the Second World War are still popular among people who have an active interest in American or military history. These hats were a necessary part of a complete uniform and were often worn both on and off the many battlefields around the world. Over time, these hats and caps have become synonymous with the bravery and heroism shown by American soldiers during one of the bloodiest and most devastating wars the world has ever seen. The immense impact that this unforgettable war left on the world as a whole can still be felt today. In fact, it is arguably the one global event of the past 100 years that has played the biggest role in shaping the world as we know it.


World War II not only reshaped the world around it for many decades after it ended, but it also shaped the way most people see and feel about our world and the history that led us to this point. That is why so many of us enjoy collecting memorabilia related to the Second World War and look for different ways to show our respect for the brave men who fought valiantly during this time. If this sounds like you, then it might be in your best interest to find one of the many WW2 US hats for sale that would allow you to show off your adoration for the heroes of World War II on a regular basis.


Owning your own hat inspired by the ones worn by America’s greatest generation is a great and easy way to show people just how much respect you hold for our military, past, present, and future. Garrison caps - plus the patches and piping that come with them - are must-haves for anyone who partakes in historical reenactments or portraying an American soldier during this era for a film or documentary.


If acting is not your cup of tea, there are a number of HBT caps that are perfect for everyday use while showcasing your passion. The “Daisy Mae” HBT cap is especially popular with people who love the great outdoors and need something to keep their entire face and neck safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Whatever your hat needs are, At the Front is a trustworthy vendor who is ready to meet your needs with their high-quality reproductions that look like the real thing but cost significantly less.


At the Front currently has many of the most popular WW2 US hats for sale on their website, AttheFront.com. Check it out now to find the perfect historical cap that you can wear for different occasions. Display your love for history proudly with these or any of the other exciting World War II memorabilia currently being offered by ATF.

The Best Site to Visit for WW2 US Helmets for Sale

Great news readers: You do not have to waste time searching for WW2 US Helmets for sale on Google because we have done the legwork for you.
There are a number of reasons why a person would want to own their very own World War II American helmet and just as many online vendors willing to meet those very needs. Historical reenactment performers, filmmakers, historians, and collectors of historical American or military artifacts all would consider a helmet to be the crown jewel of a World War II United States collection. Especially if it was actually used during the fighting of one of the bloodiest wars in history. More and more people are discovering their passion for American history and are in need of vendors to help them display their newfound hobby. However, as with most shopping experiences, buyers should always beware.
While many vendors claim to have the best products on the market, most of them are talking a big game that their inventory cannot back up. If you go chasing after the helmets with the lowest price tag, you are likely to end up with a poorly made reproduction that will make you look completely out of place on the battlefield. On the other side of the coin, some of the helmets that hype up their authenticity will charge you way more than what the helmets are really worth. As Goldilocks discovered, the best bet is always on the one that combines the best of both worlds and is just right.
While every vendor will claim to be the very best, the one that most historical lovers consider to be top dog is At the Front, a Kentucky-based producer of World War II clothing and equipment. Backed by more than 25 years of experience, At the Front was started by collectors who were tired of the inconsistencies they found in their searches, so they sought out to make the whole process simpler and pain-free for everyone. They have carved out a place in most collectors and reenactors hearts’ by offering well-made products that deliver on their promises and consistently meet buyer expectations. This is especially true in regards to the WW2 US helmets for sale on their website right now.
At the Front offers multiple styles of the M1 helmets that were standard issue to all American soldiers during this time. They use original military issue steel shells to make every helmet, with some still showing scars from their time in battle. They use both real and reproduced helmet linings, depending on which model you choose. They repaint and repair every model to try and make each one look just as it did when it left the factory more than 80 years ago. This allows interested buyers to own a real, battle-used helmet that has a fresh and cleaned up look.
To find the perfect helmet model for your collection or event, go to AttheFront.com and browse their impressive selection. While you are there, do not forget to check out the other well-made clothing and equipment inspired by American and German troops of World War II.

Treat Yourself to the Best Jackboots on the Market

If you or someone you know is in serious needs of the best jackboots currently on the market and worth every penny, then you have come to the right place.


If there is a role or job that you want, then it is important that you dress and look the part. This is a little piece of life advice that I am sure we have all heard a thousand times, but it is important nonetheless. Being the best at anything that you do requires going above and beyond in every single aspect; you can never settle for anything less than the very best. This is just a fact in any field or profession, and participating in historical reenactments, films, or documentaries about the Second World War is no exception. Authenticity is arguably the most important aspect of historical recreation, so looking as accurate as possible is critical for any role that you may be playing.



While it might not be a role that most of us have ever dreamt of playing, the fact of the matter is that someone has to play the part of a World War II German soldier. It just would not be historically accurate without the bad guys for Allied troops to defeat. Regardless of the heinous acts associated with the German military of this time, performing as one is nothing like supporting their ideas and in fact can be a great opportunity for any budding actor or history buff. If you happen to land an important role such as this, it is imperative that you make yourself look the part as best as you can. A great place to start with this is by getting yourself a pair of the very best reproduction jackboots around.


Currently, the best reproductions of the popular Marschstiefel jackboots that the Germans wore during World War II are made by At the Front. For more than 25 years, At the Front has been producing some of the best-made reproductions of World War II clothing and equipment and have recently put all that experience into making these great boots. Not only do these boots look and feel just like the real ones, but they have managed to correct many of the shortcomings found with other reproductions and are the only ones on the market that offer a one-year warranty. They also include the ever-important, historically-critical wood pegged soles that are important for really capturing the accuracy that is so needed during a reenactment. It is the little touches like this that make At the Front’s military boots so highly sought after and well worth the cost.


Go to AttheFront.com now to get your own pair of the very best jackboots you will find anywhere. Discover the detail that At the Front puts into every pair they make and find helpful advice on cleaning and maintaining your pair so that you can get the most out of them. While you are there, be sure to check out their selection of other great German and American clothing and equipment from the Second World War.

The M3 Trench Knife: A Classic Tool with Modern Benefits

Are you currently in the market for a new knife that you can trust to get multiple jobs done? If you also happen to be a lover of American military history, then the M3 Trench Knife just might be the perfect tool for you.



During the Second World War, there was no weapon better for close combat then the M3 Trench Knife. They were first given in 1943 to American soldiers who were not equipped with bayonets to use. Although they were originally reserved to just a few branches of the United States military, they soon became widely used by just about every soldier by the time the war came to an end. While these knives proved to be effective during the Second World War, their production was very short-lived, one of the shortest of any combat knife ever used by American soldiers. This only makes their value that much higher, due to the difficulty that comes from trying to find an authentic one that is still in useable condition.


If you would prefer to avoid the headache that can happen when searching for an authentic, battle-used M3 Trench Knife, then it might be a smarter decision to invest in a reproduction that is incredibly close to the look and feel of the real thing. These reproductions not only look like they just left the factory but they will also cost you significantly less than it would to buy an authentic model. These knives come without any wear or tear that can happen to older blades regardless of how many times they have been used. Many wise collectors of historical military equipment have chosen this path and have turned to the experts from At the Front to deliver a top-notch knife.


At the Front makes these knives right here in the United States and can easily ship them anywhere in the country. They also include a scabbard, both the M6 and the M8 styles, with most purchases that will make it easier to carry your knife around or latch it onto your belt or pants. Scabbards can also be bought separately if you already have a knife and are just looking for something to hold it in. Thanks to their years of industry experience, At the Front makes reproductions that feature similar blades and grips to the originals but are brand new and ready to be a part of your daily chores that require a strong and reliable blade.


If At the Front sounds like the kind of seller that you want to do business with, then you should go to their website AttheFront.com to find the right trench knife and scabbard for you. While you are there, you should definitely check out their impressive collection of other well-made reproductions of both American and German clothing and equipment from World War II. Get the next piece of your budding personal collection of historical military equipment sent straight to your door with zero hassle required. Do not miss out on finding a great gift that any patriot would be proud to own.

A WW2 Navy Jacket is the Perfect Gift for Any True Patriot

Have you ever wanted to feel just like a member of the United States Navy during the Second World War? Well, one way to get a step closer to your dream - and look stylish at the same time - is to own a WW2 Navy jacket of your very own.



Like their brothers in the other branches of the U.S. military, sailors in the Navy played a critical role in defeating the Axis Powers and finally bringing one of the bloodiest and most impactful wars to an end. They were especially key in winning the Pacific theater of the war by defeating the threat posed by the Empire of Japan during this time. In critical and unforgettable battles such as the Attack on Pearl Harbor or the Battle of Midway, the U.S. Navy stood strong in the face of great adversity and refused to back down from their enemies, regardless of the odds.


That is why today, close to 80 years after the last shot was fired from this war, we still celebrate the heroic acts they displayed and look for ways to honor the veterans who were willing to sacrifice their lives in order to bring peace to the rest of the world.


One way people choose to remember these heroes is by partaking in historically-accurate reenactments or by owning memorabilia from this era. In either case, a WW2 Navy jacket is an important item to own because it allows an owner to look the part of a World War II sailor while still being practical enough to use on a daily basis.


A person could choose to invest in an authentic jacket, but these are more difficult to find in good condition and at a reasonable cost. High-quality reproductions, such as the ones made by the experts from At the Front, are significantly cheaper and are nearly identical to the originals but come with small changes that actually provide big benefits to wearers.


Take their 1st Model World War II Navy Deck Jacket, the first of three patterns used by the U.S. Navy to combat the frigid temperatures on the open water. These jackets are still a great purchase for anyone in need of a dependable winter coat to keep them warm. To make sure that their jackets were as close to the originals as possible, At the Front disassembled an original jacket to closely inspect every part. The only major difference between their model and the original is that they substituted a high-quality polar fleece for the wool lining. Because of this small change, their jackets are 5% cheaper than originals, it made the jackets lighter, warmer, and machine washable.


Head to AttheFront.com to get your own 1st Model jacket or to view any of their other popular WW2 Navy jacket styles that they personally make. This is the perfect opportunity to own a small part of American history, capture the look of a real-life hero, and own a winter coat that will not wear down on you quickly or after one wash.

Where to Find a WW2 US Army Jacket That is a Cut Above the Rest

If you have decided to make a WW2 US Army jacket your next purchase, make sure you find the one that is worth every penny.


Jackets worn by American infantrymen from the Second World War are popular purchases among collectors, reenactors, and those who just have a passion for American history. These jackets have become a symbol for the brave men who wore them during one of the toughest times in recent history. Like many of the clothing pieces worn by American soldiers of this era, the jackets still drum up memories of the fighting that took place around the world and of the brave fighters who risked their lives to stop a terrible global threat.



There are a number of reasons why a WW2 US Army jacket is still an important purchase for people today. As we move further and further away from the World War II era, our need to hold onto the memories of the fighting that took place and the sacrifices made has never been higher. That is why so many museums and historical sites often host their own reenactments of famous World War II moments, and why films and documentaries are often made regarding this subject. Then there are those who enjoy the pastime of collecting historical and/or military clothing and equipment. These people do it out of a personal passion for preserving history and for sharing their hobby with their peers.


Despite what you might think, not all U.S. Army jackets are made the same. If you want to get a real jacket that was actually used during the war, then you are going to have to spend a lot of money. Chasing the lowest price tag can also prove costly, often these costs reflect the cheap material used to make these versions that will likely break down quickly on buyers. Then there are the jackets made by At the Front, which are reproductions that are exceptionally close in look and feel to the originals, but still fall into an affordable price range.


Take their reproduction of the M1941 field jacket, for example. While it might cost slightly more than some other versions, its similarities to the original jackets make it a steal at its current price. In fact, the only major difference between ATF’s jackets and the originals is in the lining. ATF uses a high-quality cotton flannel instead of the wool they used in the 1940s. This small change is actually a major benefit because it led to a 30% reduction in cost with little-to-no difference in thermal value.


AttheFront.com is the website to visit if you want to find a great WW2 US Army jacket at a fair price. Whatever your interest level is in a jacket, they have products that will be perfect for you. They make their own versions of many of the most popular jackets worn by the U.S. Army, including ones that are perfect for everyday use or for the outdoors. Find your next great historical purchase with At the Front today.

Where to Buy WW2 US Helmets That Actually Saw Battle

When it comes to owning historical American military memorabilia, WW2 US helmets are always a popular purchase among shoppers. There are certainly a number of options that are available, but few of them match the excitement and allure that comes from owning a helmet that actually saw service during the Second World War.


For any soldier in any war, no article of clothing matters more than their helmet. As a vital asset to survival, they serve a purpose that few other things could possibly do. While the helmets used by the United States military have evolved and improved in the nearly 80 years since World War II ended, the helmets styled after this era are still as popular as ever with many Americans. It is an item that is easily recognizable with World War II, able to stir up memories of the sacrifices that were made by so many brave people. Because of these sacrifices, many people around the world can enjoy freedom and peace on a daily basis.



The significance associated with WW2 US helmets is exactly why they are so popular with people interested in owning historical military equipment. Whether you are looking for a new helmet in time for an upcoming battle reenactment, film role, or for your own growing collection of World War memorabilia, At the Front makes it easy to own one that saw service during the actual war. Owning battle-used equipment is a dream shared by many people who love history, and now that dream can become a reality. Not only have these helmets experienced the battlefields of the Second World War, but they also come with some minor upgrades that add significant benefits.


At the Front sells various styles of the M1 helmet, which was the standard issue combat helmet of the American military from 1941 until the late ’80s. Technically, all of ATF’s helmets are reproductions, but that is only because they make repairments to the original military issue steel shells that were used back then. Every single helmet that they sell is guaranteed to be assembled using military surplus steel pots that are 40 to 70 years old.


While they repaint and refurbish every helmet to make them look as good as possible, some feature a few of their own battle scars that add a sense of authenticity to them. To some people, the cracks, dings, and scratches on the helmets only make it look more desirable and a more exciting item to show off to friends and family. All helmets and liners are one size fits all and can be easily adjusted by a slide buckle you would find on a baseball cap.


To search for battle-tested WW2 US helmets to call your own, head over to AttheFront.com to find high-quality reproductions at a fair price. While you are there, see what other great American or German World War items are just begging to be your next purchase. Visit their site today to get great items delivered right to your front door.

WW2 German Helmets: A Unique Addition to Your Historical Collection

Interested in finding quality WW2 German helmets at a more than reasonable price? If you are a collector of historical artifacts, making a film or documentary about World War II, or love to participate in historical reenactments, then there is a good chance that you are.


Despite what the average person might assume, wanting to have WW2 German helmets of your own does not mean you wish to honor the evil that is associated with the German military of that time. People tend to get so caught up in symbolism that they forget that these items are a part of world history and make for a unique addition to any collection. Any true history lover can look past the soldiers who wore these helmets and understand the significance of being able to own a small piece of history. If too many people choose to ignore the negative sides of the past, then we run the risk of future generations forgetting their horrible acts and possibly repeating the same mistakes again. Let us not forget the famous quote, “Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.”



Collectors are not the only ones who might have an objective interest in purchasing WW2 German helmets. Filmmakers and actors, whether in film or historical reenactments, should consider helmets that look like the real thing to be essential to give a good show. Any decent performer knows that a shoddy costume can ruin even the best show. Your audience is spending their hard-earned money to pay for a show that can transport them back in time, and slacking on your outfit will only lead to empty seats. That is why it is so important to know a reliable seller that carries authentic equipment or, for those on a tight budget, impressive reproductions that can easily pass for the real thing.


If you think you will find these trustworthy vendors on sites such as Amazon or eBay, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. The best place to do your shopping for World War II memorabilia is At the Front, an expert in reproducing military equipment from that era. They sell a number of WW2 German helmets, both reproduced and authentic ones that were actually used in battle. They also carry all essential helmet parts, such as lining and straps, plus German paratrooper helmets and officer caps. Their selection of German helmets includes the real M42 helmets and reproduced M35s, two of the most popular models given out to German soldiers. While their authentic helmets are the ideal addition to any serious collection, their reproduced headgear share a nearly identical thickness and weight to the real ones but are 80-90% cheaper.


Go to AttheFront.com today to check out their impressive supply of American and German memorabilia from the Second World War. Whether you have the itch to add onto your growing collection, or want to add an authentic look to any historical performance, At the Front will most likely have what you are looking for and have options that fit into any price range.

Where to Find World War II Jumpboots That Will Make You Feel Like You're Soaring

Just because you weren’t actually a paratrooper during World War II does not mean you can’t feel like one. A great pair of jumpboots will help you get one step closer to achieving that.


While every single branch of the United States military played an instrumental role in winning the Second World War, the paratroopers were perhaps the most unsung of these heroes. They were often tasked with missions that seemed impossible, such as clearing the way for the rest of the infantry or taking on surprise attacks with little protection. As if jumping out of planes on a regular basis wasn’t stressful enough. These brave men deserve to be honored and revered as much as any fighter during World War II because of the consistent bravery they showed in the face of great threats.



This reverence can be displayed in a number of different ways. The most popular of options is to recreate some of the biggest moments of World War II that involved American paratroopers. There are a number of places where you can spend time discovering what it was like to live a day in the life of an American paratrooper back in those days. For those who work in the entertainment industry, there are always films and documentaries being made on the topic of World War II that require people to look the part of actual soldiers. In either case, a pair of well-made jumpboots that look like they were plucked right out of time is a necessity. With the right vendor, you can find a pair that costs significantly less than authentic, battle-worn boots without sacrificing the look and feel.


A vendor like that can be harder to find than most people realize. Some people trick shoppers with price tags so slow it seems too good to be true - because it usually is. These boots quickly fall apart on wearers and have them back on the market for new boots before long. The best way to find jumpboots that are worth the cost and will hold up over time is to trust manufacturers that are well respected in the industry, manufacturers such as At the Front.


At the Front makes some of the best reproductions of World War II clothing and equipment currently on the market. Their paratrooper jumpboots reflect the detail and care that they put into every product that they make. Every pair of boots is made with Goodyear rubber and are as close to authentic as you can get. The only real change between their boots and the original ones is on the part few people even see; the bottom. They use Goodyear parts on the underneath and have different finishes on the edges of their soles. ATF boots also come with a small change to the lining and finish that make each pair much easier to polish.


If you are interested in getting your own pair of great boots with a historical element to them, then head to AttheFront.com. See what other cool and unique American World War II clothing and equipment you can get delivered right to your front door.

M3 Trench Knife: A Tool Every History Lover Should Own

Want to have a piece of history that you can call your own while also being able to enjoy it for its intended use? Then you sound exactly like the kind of person who needs to have an M3 trench knife, one of the most popular knives of World War II, in their life.



Having one of your very own is something anyone who enjoys American history or has a deep respect for the military would love to add to a collection – whether it is the first piece or the hundredth. It is a cool and very interesting way to show off your respect for the brave soldiers who fought to defeat the evil Nazis during the Second World War, an event that impacted dozens of countries and continents and forever shaped the world around it. Events like this are why it is so imperative that we always remember how far the world has come in such a short amount of time, and why we need to respect those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy many of the luxuries we have today.


Sometimes, the best way to know what our future can hold is to look to the past. This means studying and understanding both the good and bad things that played a role in making the world how it is today. We need to understand the good that happened before to know how we should all act and who we should view as role models. While it can be a touchy and sometimes uncomfortable thing to discuss, knowing the bad will make it easier for us to know what not to do and who we should avoid being compared with. That is why history is a subject that every student needs to learn, it can provide us with the answers on how to act and the kind of people we should be.


The M3 trench knife was first issued to American soldiers in 1943. It was given to anyone who did not have a bayonet and needed some form of protection during close-range or hand-to-hand combat. This knife was quickly adopted by any troops who could get their hands on one as a utility/fighting knife. It was still an issued weapon to soldiers during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, as well. While it is considered outdated by today’s military-grade weapon standards, it can still make for an exciting gift that any patriot would be honored to own.


At the Front, a highly respectable company that specializes in recreating clothing and equipment used by soldiers during the Second World War, is a great place to shop for an M3 trench knife at a fair price. They even include a scabbard with each purchase that comes in a variety of colors and is similar to the one used by American heroes of the Second World War. Visit AttheFront.com today to get one before they are sold out and purchased by other fans of the American military that want to show off their pride for our country.

Where to Find a WW2 German Army Uniform for Your Collection or Re-Enactment

Historical collectors and re-enactors alike understand how difficult it can be to get a hold of German memorabilia from World War II. While it is understandable why few people would want to sell anything related to Germany from that era, having a few items like a WW2 German army uniform can help add a little authenticity to any historical collection, film, or battle reenactment.



When it comes to remembering world history, we must do our best to be as accurate as possible. It is essential to remember and honor the heroes of history, while also never forgetting the villains so that we always remember to avoid their ill-natured ways. Throughout history, there have been few groups as sinister as the Nazis were during the time of the Second World War. Their tyranny caused a lot of devastation around the world and ruined countless lives. While no one should buy their memorabilia as a way to honor these heinous characters, they are important items for acting out historical reenactments of major battles or anyone looking to make a documentary or film about that point in time.


Taking part in historical reenactments have become a popular activity for history buffs or those who enjoy acting. They give participants a chance to pretend that they took part in a significant moment in history. They also benefit the economies of small towns that are home to great battle sites, such as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – home to one of the biggest battles of the American Civil War. While everyone wants to play the part of the good guys, the fact of the matter is someone has to dress up and pretend to be the bad guys that our heroes will defeat. Regardless of what side, re-enactors want to look as close to the real thing as possible to make it more interesting to their audience. Even filmmakers know the importance of making sure every actor looks the part. Imagine Saving Private Ryan without an accurate portrayal of the German uniforms – it certainly would not be as powerful a movie as it is without the authenticity.


Searching for a WW2 German army uniform online may take you to a few places you wish you hadn’t visited, which is why it helps to know the right place to look before beginning your search. For years, At the Front has built up a reputation as a professional and trust-worthy seller of high-quality reproductions of many World War II items used by American and German troops. They are a business started by history buffs for history buffs, and their goal is to help add authenticity to any historical recreation. They are committed to helping you complete your vintage look, which is why they sell specific items like ammunition pouches, insignias, and badges that will make your uniform feel whole.


To get yourself a well-reproduced WW2 German army uniform, go visit AttheFront.com. While you are there, be sure to check out their impressive selection of other German items, as well as American military gear for branches including Army, Navy, Marines, and Paratroopers.

Things to Consider When Investing in WW2 American Uniforms for Sale

If you’re thinking about investing in some historic military uniforms like those from WWII era, you might want to ask yourself a few questions before throwing hundreds of dollars on a new uniform that’s designed to be from the past. It’s important to remember that not all uniforms are alike when looking at WW2 American uniforms for sale. Some may be more accurate and authentic than others, while others may fall apart after a few uses. Learn more about how to find the right uniform based on your needs.



How Did the Company Find Their Designs?
When you’re looking at WW2 American uniforms for sale online, you may be wondering where these designs came from. Some of them may look fairly accurate, but you’ll want to make sure they are based on the real uniforms used during this time period. If not, you may end up spending a lot of money on uniforms that don’t quite look the part. That’s why you should always ask the store or manufacturer about how these items were made and what the designs are based on. Ideally, the company would have its own collection of original uniforms that it uses as inspiration when designing new items. This is one of the best ways to ensure accuracy.


Is This Uniform Well-Made?
Even if a uniform looks completely historically accurate, there’s always a chance that it could be made with poor quality materials that won’t hold up under pressure. If you’re going to invest in a historic uniform, you want to make sure that it will last the test of time, especially if you plan on using this uniform on a regular basis. Maybe you like to reenact historic battles, or you enjoy wearing this gear on your next camping or hunting expedition. Whatever the reason, you will need to move around in these clothes without worrying about them falling apart on you. Otherwise, you could spend a fortune on this new gear only to have it crumble after a few uses.


How Will You Use Your New Uniform?
You should also think about how you plan on using this new uniform before you buy one. If you plan on running through the woods or running around on a pretend battlefield, you will want to find some clothing that will keep you warm and safe when you’re out in the world. If the fabric is too thin, you could get cold or dirty running around outside all day. If you’d rather sit inside and hang your uniform on the wall out of respect for those that have lost their lives, it won’t matter how thick the material is since you won’t be wearing it on your person. It all depends on how you plan on using the uniform and the other military equipment from years past.


Head on over to AttheFront.com for the most accurate military uniforms on the market. With a large collection of originals, At the Front has everything they need to ensure every item they sell is historically accurate.

Honor U.S. History with WW2 American Uniforms

WW2 American uniforms have become a symbol of American pride that stir up memories of the brave soldiers fighting to stop evil. Having a recreated uniform of your own is a great way to pay homage to an inspiring time in American history, and is easier to buy than you might think.


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Although we did not play a role in starting the Second World War, the U.S. had a major part in bringing it to an end. Many branches of the U.S. military were active in fighting against the Powers of Axis, led by Nazi Germany, and present at many of the most significant battles. From the Battle of Midway to the shores of Normandy on D-Day, the U.S. helped their allies overpower a great evil that was causing havoc around the world. Many of us had our fathers and grandfathers fight in World War II, putting their lives on the line to preserve freedom for the world. Collecting military uniforms and gear allows you to remember the sacrifices they made for us and all the other brave men and women who worked hard to defeat a global threat.


Buying recreated WW2 American uniforms is a great way to show your friends and family how much pride you have for an important part of U.S. history. It reminds those who see it of a time when people were able to put their differences aside and made more of an effort to bond with their neighbors. It was a great time to be an American and a period that provided a lot of great memorabilia that any patriot would be proud to own. Some people choose to honor this period of American history by starting their own collection of World War II gear, while others go a step further by participating in reenactments of major battles.


Now that you know a unique way to portray your patriotism, the next step is finding a trustworthy retailer to get you what you need. There are quite a few places where you can look for WW2 American uniforms, but few understand the needs of their shoppers like At the Front. This Kentucky-based company was founded by people who wanted a recreated World War II uniform without paying ridiculous costs for custom made outfits that could take months to arrive. At the Front creates high-quality recreations that can pass for the real thing without costing as much as an authentic uniform. They sell the essentials – like jackets, trousers, and boots – and also the little parts that add more authenticity – like ammunition pouches, field gear packages, knives and even bayonets. Their selection includes vintage U.S. uniforms for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and paratroopers.


Visit AtTheFront.com to browse the many WW2 uniforms and gear they sell for those looking for a complete World War II collection. They are readily available to meet your vintage uniform needs, and also sell reproduced medals, badges, and other small items that will really complete your uniform.

Complete Your Vintage Look with Reproduced WW2 US Helmets

Having trouble finding WW2 US helmets to add to your collection of gear from the Second World War?


Every collector understands the importance of having a complete set, especially when that set is meant to honor a proud time in American history. The Second World War was arguably the moment in time when the US emerged as a world leader, assisting in the defeat of Germany and the Nazi regime. Whether fighting in Europe or in the Pacific against Japan, the US military did their part to eradicate the evil that was plaguing the world at that time, and the sacrifices they made all over the globe helped pave the way for a brighter future. Today, those heroes are still remembered and honored by those who understand the significance of their bravery. A popular way to honor the memory of these brave soldiers is by collecting memorabilia from World War 2. This allows us to hold onto a small piece of history or to ensure that future generations can have some understanding of what a hero looked like at that time.



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WW2 US helmets are a popular item to have in any collection, but they can be difficult to find in good conditions. Many authentic helmets from that era are either too damaged from battle or cost an arm and a leg to buy. While we all would love to have a real helmet worn by General Patton or General Eisenhower, the average collector will never be able to afford anything close to that. Some of us just want a helmet that looks like it can protect your head, at a price that will protect your wallet. That is why high-quality reproductions are the best way to go for American history lovers who are on a budget. They allow you to accomplish your main goal, own a realistic helmet worn by American soldiers, all while being affordable enough for you to still have money left over to purchase other necessities like army jackets, boots, or even weapons from that era. If you choose the right seller, you can buy all of those items – and any others you might have your eye on – all in one place.


Finding a seller online sounds easy enough, but you want to be sure to choose a retailer that understands and cares about your needs. That is why many collectors and American military history fans trust At the Front, a maker of quality World War 2 reproductions that was started by history enthusiasts, for history enthusiasts. They have exactly the WW2 US helmets you would want, whether it is an infantry helmet, a paratrooper helmet, or even a German helmet if you are collecting gear from both sides. They even sell chinstraps, camouflage covers, and helmet lining to ensure you really get the look perfect.


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A Replica WW2 US Army Uniform: The Perfect Patriotic Gift

For the patriot who loves all things that honor America and its proud history, a WW2 US Army uniform might just be the best gift they didn’t realize they needed.


America has played an integral role in world history since the start of the 20th century, particularly during the First & Second World Wars. From 1933-1945, most of the world was severely impacted by World War II, one of the most destructive periods in human history. During this time, the Axis Power led by Germany, Italy, and Japan caused destruction throughout many countries and continents before being defeated by the Allied Forces led by the US, England, and France. Every branch of the US military – especially the Army – showed the full potential of their strength as they helped drive away the greatest evil of that time.



Today, many countries around the world owe their freedom to the brave soldiers who fought valiantly during the Second World War. Holidays such as Veterans Day and the Fourth of July are used to remember and praise the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for future generations. But our praise of these heroes does not have to be reserved to only two days every year. Many military and history lovers spend their weekends partaking in reenactments of major battles from the Second World War or other notable events in American history. When taking place in reenactments of battles such as D-Day or the Battle of the Bulge, a replica WW2 US Army uniform that looks like the real thing will help add more authenticity to your performance.


An authentic uniform, however, might cost you too much money to want to use regularly in reenactments. Memorabilia like that can be a part of an impressive historical collection and should be kept in pristine condition. Instead, choosing to invest in a replica version that strives to look just like the real thing is the smartest way to show off your American military pride. That being said, before you go out and buy yourself a replica uniform or choose one to gift a fellow history buff, it is important to shop somewhere you can be certain you are getting the best bang for your buck.


Since there aren’t many stores out there that appeal to such a specific niche, online shopping is the best place to search. Buyers should be wary of purchasing from random sellers or questionable sites and should instead set their sights on respected retailers like At the Front. They were founded by people like you who care about owning an affordable memento to American history and have a clear eye for detail. Not only will you find high-quality reproductions of a WW2 US Army uniform, but you’ll also fine uniforms of other military branches like Paratroopers and Marine Corps. You can even add more specific items like badges, weapons, or other gear that will have you looking the part of an American World War II hero.


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Where to Buy a WW2 US Army Jacket

For many people, world history is something that should never be forgotten and, in certain cases, even celebrated. In fact, these feelings are held by so many people that it is commonplace to hold reenactments of significant historical events – from the Battle of Gettysburg to some of the biggest battles of World War 2. Historical accuracy is imperative to any good reenactment, and for those who take part in recreating WW2 battles, a WW2 US Army Jacket is an essential item of clothing that will make you look and feel like a genuine army vet.




Unless you are lucky enough to have your father or grandfather’s old WW2 US Army Jacket hanging up in your closet, you will need to spend a lot of time looking for one that has an authentic look to it. Checking your local stores is unlikely to be a fruitful endeavor – your best bet might be a store that carries Halloween costumes, but people will be able to easily tell that it is a fake jacket. This makes online shopping the most reliable option for actors and collectors alike. Being able to search the seemingly endless aisle of online retailers competing for your business is without a doubt the best place to look for accurate historical memorabilia.


Historical reenacting has become an internationally popular pastime for those hoping to preserve certain parts of world history. Today, many people travel to the actual sites of some of the most notable battles of WW2 to watch actual reenactments live. The people who participate in these events don’t do it just to kill an afternoon, but to pay homage to the heroes who gave their lives for the greater good. Even popular movies like Saving Private Ryan have used their platform as a way to ensure we never forget the events that helped shape our world today. Whether acting on site or in film, complete accuracy is necessary for a success interpretation. Since truly authentic memorabilia is quite expensive and sometimes difficult to come across in pristine condition, recreated uniforms from well-respected retailers provides a more affordable route to historical accuracy.


WW2 US Army Jackets that can easily pass for the real thing are not just for historical reenactors or filmmakers, however. Many people collect memorabilia from the Second World War as a hobby and a great way to remind themselves and others how far the world has come. Retailers like At The Front make it easier to buy recreated military attire than ever before, with the added bonus of a fair price for an authentic piece. This kind of apparel serves as an excellent conversation starter, and most people are likely to think it was actually worn during the Second World War.


For more than 25 years, At The Front has supplied some of the best recreated clothing and equipment mimicking the distinct style of uniform worn during World War 2. Many films, reenactments, historical projects, and collectors have turned to At The Front to provide a realistic look at a realistic price. Be sure to visit AtTheFront.com to improve your WW2 reenactment or add to your own personal collection.