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A WW2 Navy Jacket is the Perfect Gift for Any True Patriot

Have you ever wanted to feel just like a member of the United States Navy during the Second World War? Well, one way to get a step closer to your dream - and look stylish at the same time - is to own a WW2 Navy jacket of your very own.



Like their brothers in the other branches of the U.S. military, sailors in the Navy played a critical role in defeating the Axis Powers and finally bringing one of the bloodiest and most impactful wars to an end. They were especially key in winning the Pacific theater of the war by defeating the threat posed by the Empire of Japan during this time. In critical and unforgettable battles such as the Attack on Pearl Harbor or the Battle of Midway, the U.S. Navy stood strong in the face of great adversity and refused to back down from their enemies, regardless of the odds.


That is why today, close to 80 years after the last shot was fired from this war, we still celebrate the heroic acts they displayed and look for ways to honor the veterans who were willing to sacrifice their lives in order to bring peace to the rest of the world.


One way people choose to remember these heroes is by partaking in historically-accurate reenactments or by owning memorabilia from this era. In either case, a WW2 Navy jacket is an important item to own because it allows an owner to look the part of a World War II sailor while still being practical enough to use on a daily basis.


A person could choose to invest in an authentic jacket, but these are more difficult to find in good condition and at a reasonable cost. High-quality reproductions, such as the ones made by the experts from At the Front, are significantly cheaper and are nearly identical to the originals but come with small changes that actually provide big benefits to wearers.


Take their 1st Model World War II Navy Deck Jacket, the first of three patterns used by the U.S. Navy to combat the frigid temperatures on the open water. These jackets are still a great purchase for anyone in need of a dependable winter coat to keep them warm. To make sure that their jackets were as close to the originals as possible, At the Front disassembled an original jacket to closely inspect every part. The only major difference between their model and the original is that they substituted a high-quality polar fleece for the wool lining. Because of this small change, their jackets are 5% cheaper than originals, it made the jackets lighter, warmer, and machine washable.


Head to AttheFront.com to get your own 1st Model jacket or to view any of their other popular WW2 Navy jacket styles that they personally make. This is the perfect opportunity to own a small part of American history, capture the look of a real-life hero, and own a winter coat that will not wear down on you quickly or after one wash.