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Where to Buy a WW2 US Army Jacket

For many people, world history is something that should never be forgotten and, in certain cases, even celebrated. In fact, these feelings are held by so many people that it is commonplace to hold reenactments of significant historical events – from the Battle of Gettysburg to some of the biggest battles of World War 2. Historical accuracy is imperative to any good reenactment, and for those who take part in recreating WW2 battles, a WW2 US Army Jacket is an essential item of clothing that will make you look and feel like a genuine army vet.




Unless you are lucky enough to have your father or grandfather’s old WW2 US Army Jacket hanging up in your closet, you will need to spend a lot of time looking for one that has an authentic look to it. Checking your local stores is unlikely to be a fruitful endeavor – your best bet might be a store that carries Halloween costumes, but people will be able to easily tell that it is a fake jacket. This makes online shopping the most reliable option for actors and collectors alike. Being able to search the seemingly endless aisle of online retailers competing for your business is without a doubt the best place to look for accurate historical memorabilia.


Historical reenacting has become an internationally popular pastime for those hoping to preserve certain parts of world history. Today, many people travel to the actual sites of some of the most notable battles of WW2 to watch actual reenactments live. The people who participate in these events don’t do it just to kill an afternoon, but to pay homage to the heroes who gave their lives for the greater good. Even popular movies like Saving Private Ryan have used their platform as a way to ensure we never forget the events that helped shape our world today. Whether acting on site or in film, complete accuracy is necessary for a success interpretation. Since truly authentic memorabilia is quite expensive and sometimes difficult to come across in pristine condition, recreated uniforms from well-respected retailers provides a more affordable route to historical accuracy.


WW2 US Army Jackets that can easily pass for the real thing are not just for historical reenactors or filmmakers, however. Many people collect memorabilia from the Second World War as a hobby and a great way to remind themselves and others how far the world has come. Retailers like At The Front make it easier to buy recreated military attire than ever before, with the added bonus of a fair price for an authentic piece. This kind of apparel serves as an excellent conversation starter, and most people are likely to think it was actually worn during the Second World War.


For more than 25 years, At The Front has supplied some of the best recreated clothing and equipment mimicking the distinct style of uniform worn during World War 2. Many films, reenactments, historical projects, and collectors have turned to At The Front to provide a realistic look at a realistic price. Be sure to visit AtTheFront.com to improve your WW2 reenactment or add to your own personal collection.