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Complete Your Vintage Look with Reproduced WW2 US Helmets

Having trouble finding WW2 US helmets to add to your collection of gear from the Second World War?


Every collector understands the importance of having a complete set, especially when that set is meant to honor a proud time in American history. The Second World War was arguably the moment in time when the US emerged as a world leader, assisting in the defeat of Germany and the Nazi regime. Whether fighting in Europe or in the Pacific against Japan, the US military did their part to eradicate the evil that was plaguing the world at that time, and the sacrifices they made all over the globe helped pave the way for a brighter future. Today, those heroes are still remembered and honored by those who understand the significance of their bravery. A popular way to honor the memory of these brave soldiers is by collecting memorabilia from World War 2. This allows us to hold onto a small piece of history or to ensure that future generations can have some understanding of what a hero looked like at that time.



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WW2 US helmets are a popular item to have in any collection, but they can be difficult to find in good conditions. Many authentic helmets from that era are either too damaged from battle or cost an arm and a leg to buy. While we all would love to have a real helmet worn by General Patton or General Eisenhower, the average collector will never be able to afford anything close to that. Some of us just want a helmet that looks like it can protect your head, at a price that will protect your wallet. That is why high-quality reproductions are the best way to go for American history lovers who are on a budget. They allow you to accomplish your main goal, own a realistic helmet worn by American soldiers, all while being affordable enough for you to still have money left over to purchase other necessities like army jackets, boots, or even weapons from that era. If you choose the right seller, you can buy all of those items – and any others you might have your eye on – all in one place.


Finding a seller online sounds easy enough, but you want to be sure to choose a retailer that understands and cares about your needs. That is why many collectors and American military history fans trust At the Front, a maker of quality World War 2 reproductions that was started by history enthusiasts, for history enthusiasts. They have exactly the WW2 US helmets you would want, whether it is an infantry helmet, a paratrooper helmet, or even a German helmet if you are collecting gear from both sides. They even sell chinstraps, camouflage covers, and helmet lining to ensure you really get the look perfect.


To find great collector items and the uniform pieces you need, go to AttheFront.com or call (270) 384-1965. Don’t miss this chance to impress your friends and family and proudly display your American pride.