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Where to Find a WW2 US Army Jacket That is a Cut Above the Rest

If you have decided to make a WW2 US Army jacket your next purchase, make sure you find the one that is worth every penny.


Jackets worn by American infantrymen from the Second World War are popular purchases among collectors, reenactors, and those who just have a passion for American history. These jackets have become a symbol for the brave men who wore them during one of the toughest times in recent history. Like many of the clothing pieces worn by American soldiers of this era, the jackets still drum up memories of the fighting that took place around the world and of the brave fighters who risked their lives to stop a terrible global threat.



There are a number of reasons why a WW2 US Army jacket is still an important purchase for people today. As we move further and further away from the World War II era, our need to hold onto the memories of the fighting that took place and the sacrifices made has never been higher. That is why so many museums and historical sites often host their own reenactments of famous World War II moments, and why films and documentaries are often made regarding this subject. Then there are those who enjoy the pastime of collecting historical and/or military clothing and equipment. These people do it out of a personal passion for preserving history and for sharing their hobby with their peers.


Despite what you might think, not all U.S. Army jackets are made the same. If you want to get a real jacket that was actually used during the war, then you are going to have to spend a lot of money. Chasing the lowest price tag can also prove costly, often these costs reflect the cheap material used to make these versions that will likely break down quickly on buyers. Then there are the jackets made by At the Front, which are reproductions that are exceptionally close in look and feel to the originals, but still fall into an affordable price range.


Take their reproduction of the M1941 field jacket, for example. While it might cost slightly more than some other versions, its similarities to the original jackets make it a steal at its current price. In fact, the only major difference between ATF’s jackets and the originals is in the lining. ATF uses a high-quality cotton flannel instead of the wool they used in the 1940s. This small change is actually a major benefit because it led to a 30% reduction in cost with little-to-no difference in thermal value.


AttheFront.com is the website to visit if you want to find a great WW2 US Army jacket at a fair price. Whatever your interest level is in a jacket, they have products that will be perfect for you. They make their own versions of many of the most popular jackets worn by the U.S. Army, including ones that are perfect for everyday use or for the outdoors. Find your next great historical purchase with At the Front today.