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Honor U.S. History with WW2 American Uniforms

WW2 American uniforms have become a symbol of American pride that stir up memories of the brave soldiers fighting to stop evil. Having a recreated uniform of your own is a great way to pay homage to an inspiring time in American history, and is easier to buy than you might think.


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Although we did not play a role in starting the Second World War, the U.S. had a major part in bringing it to an end. Many branches of the U.S. military were active in fighting against the Powers of Axis, led by Nazi Germany, and present at many of the most significant battles. From the Battle of Midway to the shores of Normandy on D-Day, the U.S. helped their allies overpower a great evil that was causing havoc around the world. Many of us had our fathers and grandfathers fight in World War II, putting their lives on the line to preserve freedom for the world. Collecting military uniforms and gear allows you to remember the sacrifices they made for us and all the other brave men and women who worked hard to defeat a global threat.


Buying recreated WW2 American uniforms is a great way to show your friends and family how much pride you have for an important part of U.S. history. It reminds those who see it of a time when people were able to put their differences aside and made more of an effort to bond with their neighbors. It was a great time to be an American and a period that provided a lot of great memorabilia that any patriot would be proud to own. Some people choose to honor this period of American history by starting their own collection of World War II gear, while others go a step further by participating in reenactments of major battles.


Now that you know a unique way to portray your patriotism, the next step is finding a trustworthy retailer to get you what you need. There are quite a few places where you can look for WW2 American uniforms, but few understand the needs of their shoppers like At the Front. This Kentucky-based company was founded by people who wanted a recreated World War II uniform without paying ridiculous costs for custom made outfits that could take months to arrive. At the Front creates high-quality recreations that can pass for the real thing without costing as much as an authentic uniform. They sell the essentials – like jackets, trousers, and boots – and also the little parts that add more authenticity – like ammunition pouches, field gear packages, knives and even bayonets. Their selection includes vintage U.S. uniforms for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and paratroopers.


Visit AtTheFront.com to browse the many WW2 uniforms and gear they sell for those looking for a complete World War II collection. They are readily available to meet your vintage uniform needs, and also sell reproduced medals, badges, and other small items that will really complete your uniform.