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Where to Buy WW2 US Helmets That Actually Saw Battle

When it comes to owning historical American military memorabilia, WW2 US helmets are always a popular purchase among shoppers. There are certainly a number of options that are available, but few of them match the excitement and allure that comes from owning a helmet that actually saw service during the Second World War.


For any soldier in any war, no article of clothing matters more than their helmet. As a vital asset to survival, they serve a purpose that few other things could possibly do. While the helmets used by the United States military have evolved and improved in the nearly 80 years since World War II ended, the helmets styled after this era are still as popular as ever with many Americans. It is an item that is easily recognizable with World War II, able to stir up memories of the sacrifices that were made by so many brave people. Because of these sacrifices, many people around the world can enjoy freedom and peace on a daily basis.



The significance associated with WW2 US helmets is exactly why they are so popular with people interested in owning historical military equipment. Whether you are looking for a new helmet in time for an upcoming battle reenactment, film role, or for your own growing collection of World War memorabilia, At the Front makes it easy to own one that saw service during the actual war. Owning battle-used equipment is a dream shared by many people who love history, and now that dream can become a reality. Not only have these helmets experienced the battlefields of the Second World War, but they also come with some minor upgrades that add significant benefits.


At the Front sells various styles of the M1 helmet, which was the standard issue combat helmet of the American military from 1941 until the late ’80s. Technically, all of ATF’s helmets are reproductions, but that is only because they make repairments to the original military issue steel shells that were used back then. Every single helmet that they sell is guaranteed to be assembled using military surplus steel pots that are 40 to 70 years old.


While they repaint and refurbish every helmet to make them look as good as possible, some feature a few of their own battle scars that add a sense of authenticity to them. To some people, the cracks, dings, and scratches on the helmets only make it look more desirable and a more exciting item to show off to friends and family. All helmets and liners are one size fits all and can be easily adjusted by a slide buckle you would find on a baseball cap.


To search for battle-tested WW2 US helmets to call your own, head over to AttheFront.com to find high-quality reproductions at a fair price. While you are there, see what other great American or German World War items are just begging to be your next purchase. Visit their site today to get great items delivered right to your front door.