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WW2 German Helmets: A Unique Addition to Your Historical Collection

Interested in finding quality WW2 German helmets at a more than reasonable price? If you are a collector of historical artifacts, making a film or documentary about World War II, or love to participate in historical reenactments, then there is a good chance that you are.


Despite what the average person might assume, wanting to have WW2 German helmets of your own does not mean you wish to honor the evil that is associated with the German military of that time. People tend to get so caught up in symbolism that they forget that these items are a part of world history and make for a unique addition to any collection. Any true history lover can look past the soldiers who wore these helmets and understand the significance of being able to own a small piece of history. If too many people choose to ignore the negative sides of the past, then we run the risk of future generations forgetting their horrible acts and possibly repeating the same mistakes again. Let us not forget the famous quote, “Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.”



Collectors are not the only ones who might have an objective interest in purchasing WW2 German helmets. Filmmakers and actors, whether in film or historical reenactments, should consider helmets that look like the real thing to be essential to give a good show. Any decent performer knows that a shoddy costume can ruin even the best show. Your audience is spending their hard-earned money to pay for a show that can transport them back in time, and slacking on your outfit will only lead to empty seats. That is why it is so important to know a reliable seller that carries authentic equipment or, for those on a tight budget, impressive reproductions that can easily pass for the real thing.


If you think you will find these trustworthy vendors on sites such as Amazon or eBay, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. The best place to do your shopping for World War II memorabilia is At the Front, an expert in reproducing military equipment from that era. They sell a number of WW2 German helmets, both reproduced and authentic ones that were actually used in battle. They also carry all essential helmet parts, such as lining and straps, plus German paratrooper helmets and officer caps. Their selection of German helmets includes the real M42 helmets and reproduced M35s, two of the most popular models given out to German soldiers. While their authentic helmets are the ideal addition to any serious collection, their reproduced headgear share a nearly identical thickness and weight to the real ones but are 80-90% cheaper.


Go to AttheFront.com today to check out their impressive supply of American and German memorabilia from the Second World War. Whether you have the itch to add onto your growing collection, or want to add an authentic look to any historical performance, At the Front will most likely have what you are looking for and have options that fit into any price range.