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M3 Trench Knife: A Tool Every History Lover Should Own

Want to have a piece of history that you can call your own while also being able to enjoy it for its intended use? Then you sound exactly like the kind of person who needs to have an M3 trench knife, one of the most popular knives of World War II, in their life.



Having one of your very own is something anyone who enjoys American history or has a deep respect for the military would love to add to a collection – whether it is the first piece or the hundredth. It is a cool and very interesting way to show off your respect for the brave soldiers who fought to defeat the evil Nazis during the Second World War, an event that impacted dozens of countries and continents and forever shaped the world around it. Events like this are why it is so imperative that we always remember how far the world has come in such a short amount of time, and why we need to respect those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy many of the luxuries we have today.


Sometimes, the best way to know what our future can hold is to look to the past. This means studying and understanding both the good and bad things that played a role in making the world how it is today. We need to understand the good that happened before to know how we should all act and who we should view as role models. While it can be a touchy and sometimes uncomfortable thing to discuss, knowing the bad will make it easier for us to know what not to do and who we should avoid being compared with. That is why history is a subject that every student needs to learn, it can provide us with the answers on how to act and the kind of people we should be.


The M3 trench knife was first issued to American soldiers in 1943. It was given to anyone who did not have a bayonet and needed some form of protection during close-range or hand-to-hand combat. This knife was quickly adopted by any troops who could get their hands on one as a utility/fighting knife. It was still an issued weapon to soldiers during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, as well. While it is considered outdated by today’s military-grade weapon standards, it can still make for an exciting gift that any patriot would be honored to own.


At the Front, a highly respectable company that specializes in recreating clothing and equipment used by soldiers during the Second World War, is a great place to shop for an M3 trench knife at a fair price. They even include a scabbard with each purchase that comes in a variety of colors and is similar to the one used by American heroes of the Second World War. Visit AttheFront.com today to get one before they are sold out and purchased by other fans of the American military that want to show off their pride for our country.